Hi, I'm Veronica Joy Penn -

a lifelong traveler, bodyworker, fire dancer and smile coordinator. I find my joy in inspiring people of all ages to live their dreams and find freedom from pain and suffering.

But for a long time, I suffered from debilitating anxiety which kept my naturally joyful and ecstatic spirit from truly being able to live life to the fullest. And it kept me from helping others and spreading the joy I know I was put on this planet for. 
Until one day, a friend recommended I try floating. And this is where my life changed! 

My very first floating experience helped so much with my own anxiety that I wanted to do it daily!

And because I’m a make-it-happen kind of girl and was so tired of dealing with the pain of anxiety – I purchased a tank for myself! Of course I quickly realized that there was no way that I could keep this mind-blowing and proven healing therapy to myself.

I found myself no longer needing anxiety medication!

Every time I would float it released all my worries and kinda cleaned out the cobwebs. My stress would build up like residue and stick to my being making it challenging to function on a daily basis. I felt more freedom and more relaxed about living life every time I floated. It was so powerful for me. It was like “I am gonna be ok”.

So – I eventually brought my float tank down to El Pescadero, in Baja Mexico and opened up my first float spa, The Joy of Floating, so that I could share this new-found goodness with my lovely adventurous community in this seaside paradise.

After 3 years of buoyant success in El Pescadero, the winds of travel and opportunity have whispered that it is time to venture on to Riviera Nayarit to open our 2nd Float Spa.

So, lucky you! You now have the chance to enjoy this amazing rejuvenating healing experience in either of our 2 Mexico locations.

I invite you to come visit and take a flight in one of our liquid spaceships in Mexico. If you find your way to our Sayulita Nayarit location, that’s where you’ll find me laughing, loving, playing and floating!