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The Opera LED Light Therapy mask emits non visible Infra-Red Light, Visible Red & Blue Light & the option of Galvanic Current

LED Light Therapy is a clinically proven, painless, non-invasive treatment which targets a wide variety of skin conditions by using three specific colour wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths. Choose your treatment below or have all three in one session.

Treatment (30 mins) $700 pesos / 35.00 usd
10 Sessions $4995 pesos / 250.00 usd


Combination of Red & Blue light helps to penetrate deep into the skin layers leading to increases blood flow. The increase of blood flow bring elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to face whilst at the same time combating the signs of Aging, replenishing the dermal and epidermal cells and helps to speed up the skins healing process.
– aids in healing wounds and skin repair
– stimulates circulation
– reduces oil production
– shrinks poor size

The Infra-Red light is present with ALL of the light programs however it is NOT visible. Infra-red light therapy harness the healing power of infrared wavelengths of light. When infra-red energy is delivered to injury sites and other painful areas, it dramatically increases circulation, calms inflammation and promotes healing.

– Present in all programs
– dramatically increases circulation
– promotes healing
– anti-inflammatory cooling effect
– reduces visibility of fine lines/wrinkles
– evens skin tone and texture

Galvanic Current 

This amazing mask is also able to utilise galvanic current generating a small pulse of electrical current which opens pores allowing nutrients and products to be absorbed. It works to improve blood flow and lymphatic draining to the face. This is a natural cleanser for the skin and helps break up negatively charged toxins and removes impurities. The Galvanic current may be used alone OR in conjunction with the LED Light Therapy and provides skin nourishment, skin cleansing & facial muscle toning which helps to decrease wrinkles.

– encourages mucle tone and elasticity
– enables nutrient absorption
– provides skin nourishment
– allows deep cellular cleansing
– improves blood flow
– evens tone and texture


Originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space- as well as helping tired, fatigued astronauts on their return to earth- Red Light Therapy is photo bio stimulation by exposure to lights in the red and infrared wavelength.

How does it work?

At specific wavelengths ( 633nm nanometers) red light penetrates the skin 8-10mm. This triggers the body to make collagen and elastin, and to generate new capillaries. The result of more collagen and elastin is firmer, tighter-looking skin, and the result of new capillaries is more circulation, which increases wound-healing.

Red Light Therapy is fast becoming the safest, fastest, most painless AND most affordable way to achieve a vibrant, younger-looking skin.

Who is it suitable for?

For anti-aging benefits and deep skin rejuvenation, red light exposure therapy is suitable for everyone. It is particularly beneficial for people over the age of 25. At this age, the body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen, hence our appearance starts to age.


Blue light has anti-bacterial properties, these properties result in the destruction of bacteria such as those that cause ACNE. The Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil secreting glands and calm inflammation.- powerful anti-bactierial treatment
– treats all grades of acne without irritation
– reduces oil production and overactive glands
– prevents future breakouts
– UV Free alternative treatment for psoriasis and eczema
– anti-inflammatory cooling effect to calm skin