The Joy of Floating is a uniquely indescribable experience. If you are seeking to enhance your meditation practice, floating will inspire you. If you want to expel you body from toxins, floating will cleanse you. If you wish to find a moment of peaceful tranquility for yourself, floating will free you. Floating is not to be missed if you are seeking an experience beyond the everyday. To receive even more holistic therapy, adding a massage by Veronica will bring you back to a healthy state, body, mind and spirit. Visiting The Joy of Floating has invigorated my entire being, and I left with a sense of peace and fullness.
This place is super cute, clean, and the owner Veronica is exceptionally friendly. I had a very relaxing experience floating, would definitely come here again.

Aaron S.

This quite a unique experience! It’s certainly different than getting a typical massage. The salinity of the water allows you to float effortlessly while your muscles completely relax. I experienced multiple ligament pops in my back that chiropractors have been unable to release. As an added bonus, if you’re of the meditative type, this is the perfect place relax your mind and focus while your body does the same. I also have an inner ear problem that causes vertigo and nausea. I experienced the vertigo in the tank, but zero nausea and it felt more like my vertigo was unwinding and lessening than it’s usual intensity. Well worth the experience! Thank you!!!


We saw the ad for this floating experience in the local paper and thought it would be interesting. At the Sunday market, which is in the same location we booked our double float. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was awesome. Veronica was very calm and inviting and explained everything. Loved the feeling of being suspended and I actually fell asleep as I woke myself up several times. I felt like I do when I have a regular massage. Very relaxed.

Susan C.

I highly recommend this experience. This was my first time in a float tank and I found it to be very relaxing. It was like floating in zero gravity and all my muscles could drop into a very deep relaxation. My chronically tense areas were released of all tension. I found ease in my movement, and calm and peace in my spirit. Very enjoyable!!


My son and I tried this together in (separate tanks) HE LOVED IT (11 years old – so he lasted about 20 minutes… SQUIRREL!
I really enjoyed the experience and the deep meditation opportunity it provided. (Side Note: not scary or claustrophobic at all!) But, what surprised me most is how incredible I felt after the float WOW… I recommend everyone try it!

Katie K-T

It was like being a kid again in my bathtub…the feeling of floating free, with my hair all around me. I loved the gel type water, the temp was perfect, and there was absolutely nothing claustrophobic about the tank! The bath products smelled so good and I truly felt pampered the whole time! I loved my float time, thanks, Veronica!!!!

Brooke S.

I wanted to try this for so long and I’m so glad that I did. The first few minutes were a little different but once you let your mind go it’s amazing. The way I felt afterward is the most amazing part about it for me. This is the morning after and I swear I feel better and I’m in a better place mentally…..a must try!

Chris D.

The space is beautiful, Veronica is super kind, and the tank is so relaxing. The Epsom salts in the tank make you feel like you are floating. The first five minutes, soft meditation-type music played in the background. Then, for fifty minutes, it’s totally quiet. I was a bit worried before my session that I was going to feel claustrophobic, but that wasn’t the case at all. You feel rejuvenated and refreshed when you are done. I really recommend it!


This was my 1st time ever in a float tank; what a nice experience, so soothing to my tired muscles and silky smooth all over. Located in a beautiful Oasis in the middle of the Huertas, this little spa/casita is a must visit. The owner Veronica is a sweetie, I dropped in and she stayed open for me!

Candi P.

Relaxation, revitalization, meditation and soft skin too! Service with a smile in a beautiful little oasis in the desert. Thank you Veronica!

Shyla P.

Floating weightlessly was so relaxing. The spa atmosphere and friendly smile of the owner was very inviting. I came out with silky skin, a bounce in my step, and a sense of serenity. You must try this!