Your First Float

Float Day

Arrive 20 minutes early for a brief introduction to the Spa and Float Pod.We recommend eating something small to avoid tummy grumble distractions.It’s best not to shave, tan, or wax at least 4 hours before floating. Hair color must be “set” or running clear.Avoiding caffeine will help with a more relaxing experience. Women on their “flow” will need to reschedule their appointment. Please do not float while intoxicated.

What to Bring

Any after shower items of your preferenceWe supply shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels, Q-tips, lotion, and earplugs An open mind Your birthday suit! … you will be in one completely private room with shower, float pod, and changing area (you may bring a swimsuit if that’s your fancy, but the experience is different on the skin in the buff)

Before the Tank

Get squeaky clean! Shower using shampoo only (no conditioner yet) and wash thoroughly with shower gel and washcloth removing all oils and dirt from the body and hair. Dry those ears! Our silicone ear plugs work best that way creating a nice suctioned feeling. Cover any scrapes or small cuts with waterproof bandages or Vaseline provided.

Entering the Tank

Step into the float pod filled with 10 inches of salty water. Dry your face and avoid touching it as the salt will sting if it gets in your eyes. A washcloth will be just outside the tank door in case you need it. Gently lie down face up, allowing the water to fully support you.

Float Session

Find a comfortable position floating on your back. You will be surprised how buoyant you are. Allow your head to relax all the way back as the water will support it. Music will begin for a few minutes to get you settled. Now empty your mind and let the tank do the rest. After about 30 to 40 minutes your brain waves will slow down into a theta pattern. This is ideal for deep relaxation. Follow your breath and Enjoy!

Exiting the Tank

Music will start indicating the end of your float session. Sit up slowly with your head tilted back pressing the water out of your hair. Stand up, wipe off as much salt water from your body back into the tank, and then carefully exit. Take a second shower to rinse off the remaining salt water, dry off, and smile. After each session a powerful filter, UV and Ozonator will clean and purify the water.

Please Do Not Float if…

You are sick or have an infectious disease. You have any large open cuts or wounds. You are on your menstrual cycle. You are epileptic. You are on drugs or alcohol. You are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water.